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Shalford 1319 Mild 3.7% ABV

Roast malt and delicate chocolate sweetness with a slight bitter finish.

 Levelly Gold 4% ABV

Golden summery ale. A refreshing bitter with a pleasant finish.                                                                                                

 Barnfield Pale Ale 3.8%ABV   

Light brown, produced using Goldings hops to give a pleasantly drinkable bitterness.

Draught Horse 3.8%

Specially brewed light brown bitter reins in at 3.8%. Reliable and full of character.

Braintree Market Ale 4.0% ABV

Traditional easy drinking session beer,a hoppy,lingering dry bitter finish.

 Stoneley Bitter 4.2% ABV

Dark Amber session beer whose vivid hop character is supported by a juicy,malty body.

A dry finish makes this beer very drinkable.

 Hyde Bitter 4.7% ABV

A Light Amber colored bitter brewed with  Target hops, full bodied with a warm malty undertone.

 Levelly Black 4.8% ABV

A dark heavy well hopped ale with grainy toffee taste topped with a thick creamy head.

 Rotten End    6.5 % ABV

Traditionally colored and strong, accompanied by slightly sweet and nutty undertones with a bitter edge to finish.

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